Jericho is located 258 metres below sea level, which makes it the lowest and also the oldest city on earth! From the far you can still hear the mystic sounds and reverbation of the trumpets, which broke off the city walls a long time ago.. Since then we are free and unleashed from any borders and limits in the creation of electronic music.

Deep, mystical, multifaceted, this is Sounds of Jericho, a record label singularly devoted to passion-driven electronic music. Inside this trove you will find tracks rich in detail and crafted with love and gratitude.

SoJ is being run by JOIX


Acid Soda    Anschein    Chris Maico Schmidt    DJ Jascha    Farrin Collins    Felix Kowalski    Gordon Raddei    Hübschmann    Jakob Jung    JOIX    Kiyo Nakamura    Køps    Rabhansl    Rothbarth    Ryoma Sasaki    Sebastian Vogelsang    Sori    Studiogegner    Tas Kessler    Yana Heinstein    Zuckermann   


[SOJ-011] Der Krieg soll enden EP by JOIX  to be released on 19th January 2024
It was very early in the morning when JOIX awaked from a dream where the following german words came to his mind together with some unwritten song structures:
"Der Krieg soll enden und das möglichst bald. Für den Frieden und dessen Erhalt." (eng: "The war should end as soon as possible. For peace and its preservation.").
It seemed very important at this moment, so he immediately stood up and noticed these two sentences on a piece of paper in his studio. After going to bed again and waking up later, reading these words once more with a rational mind was not so convinced of its meaning any more and doubts came up if it would be really a good idea to use this for the next music production. At daylight and with sober mind it seems a bit childish and naive.
But finally the power of the dream was stronger and so you can listen here to the result as first track of this EP "Der Krieg soll enden".

Second track "Born after sunset" is a floating Deep Techno track with hypnotic basses and layered melodic chords which culminate in an emotional break and a deep melodic second part of this track.

Third, "Spinnrad am Brunnenrand" (eng: "Spinning wheel at well edge") is an innuendo to the fairy tale "Frau Holle" and comes up with an enraptured atmosphere which lets you fall down to another world at the wells ground.

4th, the Remix of "Spinnrad am Brunnenrand" by new upcoming techno producer Felix Kowalski rounds off this EP with a nice interpretation of the Original.
All tracks of this EP are available at:
Bandcamp   Beatport   Spotify

[SOJ-010] You Do You EP by Køps  released on 31st May 2023
You Do You EP by Køps bubbles up from the muddy ground of a frog pond and stretches its four tracks like beautiful blossoms of an exotic water lily against the bright full moon.
The whole soundscape evolves a hypnotic suction, where you can let yourself fall deep into its inner worlds while be based on waves in ascending and descending dimensions.
Ornamental melodic structures paired with grumbling basses and slow broken beats raising their power far over the water surface up to the endless night sky.
It's art for your ears, it's the next chapter of Køps and it's a pleasure for Sounds of Jericho to release it as catalog number Ten!

Cover art by Legasthenics
NOW Available at Bandcamp and Spotify !

[SOJ-009] Mantra Remixes by various artists  released on 31st March 2023

7 years ago the Deep Techno track "Mantra" was originally texted and produced by JOIX and from then on marked a special kind of artistic moment whenever it was played by DJ's or during his live sets. "Mantra" stands for the essence of electronic music and deep passion JOIX always is driven by when he is dancing on raves, playing a liveact or working at his home studio on new tracks.

With this release the six artists
Anschein, Chris Maico Schmidt, Hübschmann, Køps, Sori and Studiogegner
created their very own interpretation of "Mantra".

NOW Available at Bandcamp, Spotify, Beatport, Juno!

[SOJ-008] Desert Planet EP by JOIX  released 11th December 2021

The 8th record on Sounds of Jericho is a special one, not just because it comes as an exclusive, colourful marbled and to only 200 pieces limited Vinyl edition, its also an affair of heart for electronic music producer and liveact performer JOIX.
The last 2 years were a tough time for him and all creative minds and artists in general, a time without many culture happenings and music events, so in a metaphoric sense it felt like a dried out period without real community, joy and abundance.. like living in a cultural desert!
This is the main metaphoric idea of the Desert Planet EP, but furthermore its a homage to the legendary Dune-Epos, which JOIX is a huge fan of, since he watched the legendary movie by David Lynch as a child, which dugs deep into his consciousness and leads him exploring the 6 Dune books by Sci-Fi author Frank Herbert again and again, soaking up its great story, visions and literary beauty.
As the new Dune movie by Villeneuve comes to light at the cinemas this year it felt clearly right to add this Vinyl to the whole Dune universe as well.
The first track "A message from Kaitain" JOIX occasionally played several times as an Intro of his livesets, is a combination of tribal and techno elements with spheric sounds and a deep ride into his special interpretation of electronic music, often paired with a Didgeridoo, an instrument JOIX also likes to play during his live performances.
"The sleeper must awaken", originally from 2012, comes here as an improved, polished and remastered version, a track made for the dancefloor that will let your body permanently move to the beats of the drifty Bongos.
"Muad'Dib", the first track on the B-side, is a massive and noisy floor-stomper with uneven and heavy kick drums, which unfolds it's raw energy like a desert storm above the chants of the Fremen warriors before the showdown begins.
Finally "Many machines on IX" rounds up the Desert Planet EP with it's powerful bassline and deep groove, following the voice of the spacing guild navigator to the dark machine heart of planet IX.

So let the spice, music and joy flow again with this orange-black beauty!

Audio engineering by Marius Krämer.
Cover art by Køps.

Order on Bandcamp

[SOJ-007] Raft EP by Hübschmann  released 2nd October 2021
With the 7th release on Sounds of Jericho you are invited to enter a raft and let yourself drift by the floating and gentle sounds of its four tracks which were composed by Hübschmann for your enjoyment.
Like drifting wood on the water you will come in touch with rippling basslines, splashing rhythms and lively sound bubbles which create a overall chilled and calm atmosphere where you can lay back and enjoy this nice ride.

Cover art by Franceszie

[SOJ-006] Beltane EP by Sori  released 1st May 2021
With Sori's EP "Beltane" you are invited to let yourself fall into a symphony of dreams.
"Beltane", an ancient festival of the bright fire, stands for the transition from long winter nights to shining summer days and is hold on 1st May every year.
At Beltane you come in deep touch with your fantastic life and be able to see the brightest light in the deepest darkness.
Like the intention of this festival Sori's music opens the gates between the worlds, accompinied by a mystic bird, the raven, who is the mediator of the worlds and crows out his messages in your ears. It's about life and love and how everything is connected like told us by the memories of ancient wisdom.
With her shimmering sounds of intuition and illusion, Sori invites you to a hypnotic and transpersonal journey, a flight through your feelings, your inner cosmos and beauty.
So close your eyes, listen carefully, spread your black wings and have a delightful flight!

Mastered by Jonathan Rösch
Artwork by Legasthenics

[SOJ-005] Turnbull Session Remixes by various artists  released 19th September 2020
Free Download 

The fifth release on Sounds of Jericho,is a compilation of 5 tracks based on samples of a very special live performance by Joss Turnbull and friend musicians.
Joss Turnbull, a percussionist and virtuoso on different oriental drums such as tombak, riq, bendir and darbuka likes to transform the traditional play and sound of these instruments in a modern way through the use of all kinds of gadgets and electronics. At the Turnbull Session of Kathrinprice 2019 (hold by Jazzinstitut Darmstadt) he played together with Philip Zoubek (Piano, Synthesizer, Electronics), Le Roger (Harp, Electronics), Pablo Giw (Trompet) and Naranbaatar Purevdorj (Overtone singing). This ensemble was able to play a very unique, eccentric and magic concert, enriched with experimental, sometimes strange and never heard before sounds and compositions.
With the remixes of Studiogegner, Køps, Sori, Man on Mars and JOIX you are holding 5 extracts of this concert in your hands, which transformed the live records to individual studio works, still transporting the origin atmosphere of the concert by shimmering through the different styles of those Remixers.
Let youself fall into this new world of oriental and electronic sounds!
Video snippet of the concert. Artwork by Legasthenics. Mastered by Studiogegner.

[SOJ-004] Big BANG EP by JOIX  released 14th May 2020
Free Download 
The first track "Totem" works as a matching type of transition threshold to an intermediate realm, a twilight zone between dreams and reality. Accompanied by mystic tones our way leads past a Totem pole into a deep and dark forest full of forgotten secrets, strange sounds and hidden paths.
Namesake of this EP "Big Bang" is an experimental approach of electronic music paired with a lesson of an Astrophysicist about the start of our universe and newest findings, but also mysteries and still open questions. The deep and heavy beats stand for our unconscious parts, desires and emotions, most of the time confronted by a rational and straight mind-based scientific monologue. "We got to believe" as one of the center statements in this Astrophysicist lecture stands for the whole paradox of finding knowledge, exploring everything undiscovered and how we try to explain our world and existence again and again, but still lacking of a final certainty. So this track can also been seen as a metaphoric conflict between the outer and inner world, between "truth" and "vision", between "science" and "religion", between "mind" and "emotions". But at the end of the track with its rise of mystical sounds and melodies you may find to a peaceful coherence of this two halves.
With "Urwald" we finally arrived in the deep and dark forest of this release with lots of condensed Didgeridoo sounds, an instrument JOIX also likes to play during his live sets.
"Journey of Roland" as last track on this EP is an epic Acid Techno Trance tune with Roland TB-303 like bass modulations, tremendous claps, uplifting melodies and other classic elements that recall exstatic moments of our past.
• Tracks 1-3 mastered by Marius Krämer.
• Track 4 mastered by Studiogegner.
• Cover art by Køps.
BIG BANG Video by Kamikaze Jane (Ameisenbild).

[SOJ-003] Pareidolia EP by Køps  released 14th March 2020
Free Download 
"Pareidolia is the tendency for incorrect perception of a stimulus as an object, pattern or meaning known to the observer, such as seeing shapes in clouds, seeing faces in inanimate objects or abstract patterns, or hearing hidden messages in music."
With this short description from Wikipedia you get a clue of Pareidolia EP by Køps as third release on Sounds of Jericho. Køps, an electronic music duo of the two tirelessly sound researchers Kathi and Tom as part of the collective Legasthenics, doing their debut here with 3 elaborated little fluffy tracks, located somewhere between Micro Funk and Minimal Ambient. Seeming almost ethereal their lovely pieces of creative work are like aural resting places, where the mind starts to drift around and is played by tricks of a confused perception. From an inner view you feel transported to an enchanted winter landscape, where the first buds break through a mantle of snow and a light fog rises up over this enraptured scenery.
Pareidolia EP is rounded off with a remix by JOIX, who transfers the spheric sounds of the original to the dark dancefloor with his typical approach of massive deepness and hypnotic tendencies. Mastered by Marius Krämer.

[SOJ-002] Lazarus Remixes by various artists  released 7th November 2019
Free Download 
Premilary hidden and forgotten the mighty tones of deepness and extasy will come back to life with this Remix Compilation.
Rising up from darkness to bright light, 18 interpretations of the Original Track "Lazarus" are ready to unfold for you.

[SOJ-001] Trinity LP by JOIX  released 1st February 2019
Free Download 
Over the past 10 years, German producer and live performer, JOIX, has continued to evolve as an artist while maintaining his influential stance in the underground of techno culture.
With his last solo album, Hermetic Room, already four years behind us, his continuous evolution has led him to produce his third album yet.
With this 10-piece composition JOIX is able to tell a story from start to finish, with powerful, deep, dark, pulsating tones that are essential to his musical approach.
TRINITY is a complete concept as JOIX' track arrangement takes the audience through various emotions illustrating how there is more to versatility than the dance floor.
Beginning with fascinating shifting sounds and a symbolic conversation of a female and male voice, "Electric Eden" acts as a perfect introduction setting the attitude for the album.
"Paradise" brings us expressive chords and an euphoric energy, while the rolling bass of "Trinity" sends you into a trancelike state. "Schmelztiegel" distracts the listener with its raw analog warmth filled with extraterrestrial energy. "Lazarus," is a pure exemplary of JOIX's hypnotic style, "Schweben", a journey to infinite depth, followed by "Full of stars" are both very dark tracks, filled with atmospheric suspense and quaking rhythms. "Gentle touch" catches the listener with smooth melodies and a softer atmosphere. "Stomper" shows another emotion of the album with a faster tempo and raw analog sounds leading to the final track.
Concluding the odyssey is "Eines Morgens," the most experimental track of the album, beautifully unusual, undulating and massive, it is a breath of fresh air that brings one back to reality and the day light.
Passionate of profound mystifying tones that rise and fall, TRINITY is the epitome of unique expressiveness for JOIX.
With darkness as a companion, each track has come from deep inside the soul; uncompromised soundscapes that promote taking risks.

for demos pls write an email to soj[at]