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For some of my friends its not a secret any more, but I am currently working hard on my second album, which should be released in a few months!
So I had to cancel some gigs these days, to focus max on production at the studio, but I will come back on stage soon to have lots of fun with you again! :)
For shortening your waiting time here is a snippet of a brandnew track called "Kybalion".


Preview of new track "Back and forth" with some polymetric beat structure.


New track with self-made field recordings of the Tokyo subway during my visit of Japan in August 2014. For free download! Feel free to share! Arigatou gozaimasu!


Complete record of my live performance at About, Nagoya as part of my JAPAN TOUR 2014 (more records of this amazing tour you can find here!).


Zum Ausklang des Sommers habe ich noch die Freude auf zwei schönen Festivals aufzutreten, am 6. September beim Schweinskopf Festival in der Nähe von Cuxhaven und am 21. September beim Mohawk Open Air in Mannheim.


Little video with some impressions of my live performance at Metro Club, Kyoto, Japan on 9th August 2014.

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